Friday, August 5, 2016

Why I Love My Local Library

I read a lot, well over 100 books a year, and books can be really expensive, so a few years ago, I made my way over to our local library and got myself a library card.  It was so liberating - all those books to choose from, and if I didn't like a book, I could just take it back and not feel bad about wasting money on it.  But libraries are so much more than just the books on the shelves!
  • Books.  Well, I have to talk about the books first, since that's mainly why I go there.  Libraries have almost every book you can think of, and all you have to do is go in and take it off the shelf, and they let you bring it home with you, for free!  Classics, new releases, graphic novels - whatever!  My library is great, because as part of a county-wide system, if my library doesn't have a particular book, they can just request it from another one, at no cost to me.  I can make requests, place holds on upcoming releases, and renew books all from my online account.  My library also has e-books and audiobooks.
  • Programs.  My library hosts children's activities and read-alongs, book signings and discussions, and game nights, and offers cultural and historical programs.
  • Movies, newspapers, and magazines.  In addition to books, I can browse through local papers and even rent movies.  And yes, all for free!
  • Community services and resources.  My library has computers for use by the community and they also provide notary services. 
  • Museum passes.  My library offers passes free-of-charge to some pretty incredible museums, zoos, and sculpture gardens in our area, including the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum!
What do you love about your local library?

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