Friday, December 16, 2016

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

We recently visited my brother and his family in Oklahoma, and while we were there, they took us hiking at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area.

For a trail map of the mountain, click here.

We hiked the Yellow Trail, a 4.4-mile loop which has awesome views of Tulsa and the Arkansas River.

Late fall was actually a great time to visit, because with most of the leaves fallen, we could see a lot more of the river and other vistas.  We started with the part of the trail closest to the river.

View of downtown Tulsa

Arkansas River
The trails were mostly packed dirt, but some places were rocky and we had to watch our footing.  Changes in elevation were pretty minor, which made for a quick, easy hike.

Turkey Mountain was very busy the day we went - I guess since it was the day after Thanksgiving, everyone wanted to work off their big meals!  We encountered many other hikers, runners, and mountain bikers.  It was a good thing we got there early, because when we left, the parking lot was completely full and cars were circling looking for spots!


  1. Looks like a fabulous hike, nice pics! I especially like the view of Tulsa and the river but the last one looks very autumn- ish. It's always amazing to me how much farther you can see when the leaves fall!

    1. Thanks! Fall is definitely a great time of year to hike.


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