Monday, May 23, 2016

Five Mysteries to Keep You Up at Night

When I'm reading a really good mystery, I'm guilty of losing sleep, running late to work, ignoring my husband... all for the sake of finding out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.  Here are five of my favorite mystery novels:



  1. The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins): Rachel sees something shocking from her seat on the train, but her unreliable memory is a hindrance to the police investigation.  I definitely lost some sleep over this one!
  2. The Distant Hours (Kate Morton): While trying to find out more about her mother's time billeted at Milderhurst Castle, Edie stumbles upon an even bigger mystery involving the sisters who reside there.  Kate Morton's writing is beautiful, and the ending of this book is incredible.
  3. Still Life (Louise Penny): Inspector Armand Gamache investigates a murder in an idyllic Canadian town.  This book is the first in a series and kind of reminds me of an Agatha Christie novel.
  4. The Scent of Rain and Lightning (Nancy Pickard): When the man convicted of killing Jody's father is released from prison, questions arise about what really happened the night her father died and her mother disappeared.  Tension builds through flashbacks, leading to an ending I didn't see coming.
  5. Reconstructing Amelia (Kimberly McCreight): A mother tries to find out what really happened on the day her daughter committed suicide.  A great read told from the mother and daughter's alternating points of view.
Do you have any recommendations for a great mystery novel?


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