Monday, February 20, 2017

How I Use Pinterest for Blogging

I guess you could say I'm relatively new to Pinterest, having only been a member for a couple years or so.  I'm so glad I started using it after I got married - I can only imagine the stress it would have added trying to make our wedding Pinterest-worthy!  Anyway... in an effort to broaden my blog's horizons, I've started using Pinterest more and more for blogging.  First, I put a link to my blog on my Pinterest profile.  A link to my personal Pinterest page is on my blog homepage, and in addition to the typical recipe and fitness boards, visitors will also find boards specifically related to reading and blogging.

  • I maintain a board of my blog posts.  I haven't been putting every post on Pinterest, but more those posts which I think other Pinners may be searching for, such as lists of various types of books.  Books for Downton Abbey fans, gift ideas for book lovers, best books of 2016 - things like that!

  • I have a board dedicated to reading challenges I am or are considering participating in.  It's helpful to keep them all in one place, and visitors can find quick links to things like the current POPSUGAR reading challenge.

  • I recently started a board for blogging resources.  Looking for ideas or inspiration for new posts?  I keep a board of posts written by other bloggers dedicated to this topic.  I love that there are so many bloggers out there with great ideas that they are willing to share with everyone!

  • I keep a board of books I love to read again and again.  Visitors to this board can see some of my favorite books.

  • It's where I keep my TBR!  I know a lot of readers use Goodreads to house their TBRs, but I find Pinterest to be more visually appealing for my list.  I put the release date in the description and can know at a quick glance if it's available yet or not.  This is by far my most popular board.  Admittedly, I don't have a ton of followers, but I get a pretty steady stream of re-pins from this board.

Is Pinterest an important blogging tool for you?  How do you use Pinterest?

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