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Quick Reviews

The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson (2023)

Noah, an unmated alpha werewolf, needs to show the hospital board he has a mate in order to keep his position.  Mackenzie, an ER doctor at the hospital, wants her grandmother to stop hounding her to find a partner, so the two decide to fake date/fake mate in order to satisfy both of their situations.  What they don't expect to happen is their feelings and fate playing a role in their alpha/omega pairing.  Although I read a lot of romance, I don't read a ton of paranormal ones, so I was excited for this one.  While I did have some issues, overall I enjoyed it.  Fake dating is always a fun trope, because part of me is always like, come on!  Of course you're going to end up having feelings for each other!  Mackenzie and Noah didn't really know each other before starting their fake relationship, so it was interesting seeing them get to know each other.  Noah is a bit grumpy, a bit stoic, and I loved those moments when he lets his guard down and can't help smiling at Mackenzie, who is such a ray of sunshine.  The premise lost me a little bit when the two hang out with friends/coworkers and after like 2 minutes, everyone is saying how perfect they are for each other and how in love they seem, when they had literally never seen them together before.  It just felt like it moved too fast.  I did also think the sex scenes took over a bit.  I think the author did a good job with the werewolf lore and creating this universe where such creatures are not only out in the open, but pretty well-accepted.  My only quibble with this is that she points out that alpha-omega pairings are so powerful and fated, yet Mackenzie and Noah worked together for a year and never really came across each other?  Once they're together, though, sparks fly.  4 stars

Starring Adele Astaire by Eliza Knight (2023)

In Starring Adele Astaire, Eliza Knight brings readers into the life of Adele Astaire, sister of the famous Fred Astaire, and an accomplished dancer and actor in her own right.  Having spent years dancing and touring with her brother, Adele is now at a point in her life where she wants to settle down, get married, and start a family - but can she leave the limelight behind?  Juxtaposed with her story is the life of character Violet Wood, an aspiring dancer who has faced much adversity in life.  The two women become friends during Adele's time in London.  I honestly did not know that Fred Astaire had a sister, so I was eager to learn more about her.  I think the author did a great job with researching Adele's life and describing her professional highs and personal lows.  Adele came across as a spitfire, always with a quick joke or a dance move.  I think her desire to retire and start a family came across as clunky and heavy-handed at the beginning, though, especially since it takes several more years for her to get married.  Less telling and more showing was needed.  I liked Adele, but the parts of the story with Violet unfortunately brought it down a little for me.  I appreciated the beginning of their friendship - it felt natural as Violet auditions for an Astaire show in London.  But, as the years go on and they lose touch, the times when they would come back together felt forced, like it was a bit unrealistic that Adele and Violet would end up in the same club at the exact same time after years of not talking.  I did think the setting was nice, as a lot of it takes place in London, and the author does a good job of bringing the long time period to life.  3.5 stars

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  1. I want to read both of these, especially The Fake Mate!

  2. Wasn't Noah talking some kind of blocker? I think that's why he didn't have the urge to mate. I like Ferguson's books but I am not an erotica reader and found the Omegaverse stuff kind of strange.

    1. Yes, I remembered the blocker stuff later, although Mackenzie kept saying she could still smell him. It just seemed to me that if it was such a fated thing, they would have come across each other sooner, I guess?

  3. I'm glad to hear you liked The Fake Mate! I also really liked it but completely agree that the sex scenes took over and the romance moved pretty quickly.


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