Thursday, November 30, 2023

Holiday Quick Reviews

 A Winter in New York by Josie Silver (2023)

Iris is looking for a fresh start in NYC, when she comes across a family-run gelateria and she realizes not only did her mom have a connection to the shop, but Iris has their secret family recipe.  She's reluctant to share that information, though, since she's not sure how the family will receive it.  However, she grows closer to the family, especially Gio, all the while knowing she's keeping big secrets from them.  I have loved Josie Silver's books, but unfortunately this one was a bit of a miss for me.  After her mother's death and the end of a toxic relationship, Iris has moved to NYC, and this part I enjoyed - seeing her learn about the city and forge a new start for herself.  Her blossoming relationship with Gio was romantic, but I couldn't see how Iris could keep such big secrets to herself.  It was so uncomfortable for me, especially watching Iris make one strange decision after another.  Silver's writing is beautiful, but the plot suffers, especially the ending.  So many things just glossed over, and because we only got small glimpses of her previous relationship, the return of her ex didn't have the impact it could have.  3.5 stars 
Wreck the Halls by Tessa Bailey (2023)
Melody and Beat are the children of two former rockstars.  They only met once, as teens, but the encounter made an impact on both of them.  Now, as adults, they are teaming up to convince their mothers to reunite for one Christmas concert - and there's so much more on the line.  My gosh, these characters!  I fell in love with Beat and Melody.  Although they seem so different, they are perfect together.  Their love is fast, intense, and overwhelming.  It's so romantic the way Beat is so protective of Melody.  The story felt a bit heavier than I normally get from Tessa Bailey, and it was actually Melody who provided some moments of humor and levity, which was unexpected and nice.  The subplot of Beat being blackmailed just fell flat to me, however.  But overall, a fun, swoony, spicy holiday read!  4 stars

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  1. I felt the same way about A Winter in New York. I had such high hopes, but it was just an ok read for me. Iris and her poor decisions drove me nuts! I will have to check out Tessa Bailey's holiday novel!

    1. Ugh, Iris was the worst! Tessa Bailey is always good for a fun time!

  2. I was reading Wreck the Halls but Iron Flame *finally* arrived so I'm putting it aside for now. What I read so far though I really liked!

  3. I like Melody and Beat and found them to be a fun pair. I did find the nefarious plot a bit underbaked, but the rest of the book made up for it.

  4. Great reviews! Both of these are on my TBR, but from your reviews I'm thinking Wreck the Halls will be the best pick for me :)


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