Friday, November 24, 2023

Guest Blogger: Bookish Podcasts #2

 Michele is back today to share more of her favorite podcasts!


When I’m not listening to an audiobook, I catch the next best thing – bookish podcasts!  I’ve found a lot over the past few years.  Some are run by authors, others by book lovers.  Some focus on author interviews and others trend toward book reviews and other bookish topics.  Here are a few more that I follow:

Follow Romance authors Falon Ballard and Courtney Kae as they meet the writers behind their favorite words!

Rejection! Impostor Syndrome! Writer’s Block! Writing can be a tricky business. In this podcast, Marissa Meyer interviews authors on how we can overcome various obstacles and bring more joy to our writing process.

A podcast where we, Maggie Dickinson and Julia Steudle, delve into our favorite books, your favorite books, or a novel find!

Niece and aunt duo, Jessen Judice and (author) Juliette Cross, bond over their shared love of romance novels, and want to include fellow romance enthusiasts in on the conversation. We started this podcast as a big middle finger to the stigma associated with reading and loving romance novels. We love to fangirl about our favorite books, authors, and characters and are challenging people to think of romance novels as more than just "mommy porn" - though there's nothing wrong with a copious amount of sexy times. Bring that *ish on!

Honorable mentions for when you want something a little different:
Listen to real moms and long time friends Abby and Vanessa recap your favorite Bravo shows every week in 30ish minutes or less. They’ll dive into all their favorite shows including Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm and if you ask nicely they’ll add listeners requested shows too. These moms know that balancing kids, work, and Bravo can be tough so they’re here to help you out!


Betches Media presents Mention It All, a podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your host, certified Bravoholic Dylan Hafer, is covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities.

Football’s funniest family duo — Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs — team up to provide next-level access to life in the league as it unfolds.

Do you listen to podcasts?  Share your favorites!


  1. I listen to lots of podcasts but have only listened to one bookish podcast: Double Booked

  2. I have not listened to podcasts in a long time, but these sound great.

    1. they are a nice break from audiobooks sometimes!

  3. Pretty much the only podcast I listen to regularly is Mention It All!

    1. I mean, it is probably the best one!

  4. I have never listened to a podcast, but some of these definitely appeal to me.

  5. Thanks for the recs! I just added Novel Finds and Smart Women Read Romance to my podcast-playlist :)


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