Monday, February 12, 2018

Quotables #7: Love Is In The Air

This edition of Quotables is all about love!  Happy Valentine's Day (a little early)!

Why it speaks to me: When you're truly happy, you feel like you can do anything.  You feel like you have everything to look forward to and the possibilities are endless.

Why it speaks to me: I think love can make us better people.  Our lives are no longer singular; there's someone else to think about and take into account.  It can make us less selfish and more selfless.  And when you really love someone, you want to do everything you can for them.

Why it speaks to me: I love that this quote acknowledges that we don't need a husband/wife/partner to be fulfilled in life, but that it's okay to want one.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing someone is waiting for you at home, who will share your highs and lows.
Which of these is your favorite?  What's your favorite quote about love?


  1. These are SO beautiful. I especially love the last one because I relate to it a lot :)
    Lovely choice of quotes.

  2. I didn't love The Light We Lost but I like that quote a lot!

  3. I like the quote by Cynthia Hand because I also believe love can make us better people. :)

  4. I love all of these. The last is probably my favorite because it's the one I relate to the most, but they're all wonderful and so true.

    1. I know, I loved them all! I liked the sentiment behind the last one.

  5. What a fun idea for Valentine's week. I like all the quotes, but Cynthia Hand's touches me most.

  6. The quote from The AfterLife of Holly Chase is just perfect I think!

  7. Happy (almost!) Valentine's Day

    Love the second quote! And of course the last quote. Wonderful choices. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day <3
    These are lovely quotes, so inspiring. I love the first one so much <3


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